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Levi Lincoln used to belong to the white trailer park trash a long time ago. His father kicked him out & littarely threw him to the wolves. With nothing more than a couple of dollars ins his pocket, Levi made it to Los Angeles and worked his as off to survive. Criminal vibes still seem to run through his veins thought. As a bartender @the crash and phoenix, he uses both clubs to sell drugs as a low-level drug dealer while he struggles with a drug addiction himself.
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Hollywood Barkeeper (Crash); Barkeeper (Phoenix)
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  • Beziehungen
    Adam Hunt 
    [pal] we met at along time ago and i owe him a lot. he's got my back and i got his.
    Amara Lopez 
    [like my lil sis] we get along most of the time and our bets are the best! fun to work with.
    Brynn Sanders 
    [Flirt] Hot chick but we don't do other Things but flirt when ever she's @ the crash.
    Gavin Deagan 
    [bromance] started with selling him uppers but we are on the same page & don't seem to be that different.
    Jax Ambrose 
    [buddys & coworker] wish he would be my big bro! We get along pretty good. Got to love him!
    Kurt Knoxville 
    [lont time friend] knowing him since 6 years and we trust each other which I can't say that about most of the others.
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    Camila Cortez 
    [fuck yourself] hit on her & really tried to be nice but acts like she's a bitch.
    Haley Marshall 
    [don't get in my way] I try wo play nice but i know the look she gives me because of selling drugs. On the other hand, I want her job because I'm better.
    Nate Murray 
    [cousin] we had no contact for about 10 years until we ran into each other. now i work for him. we get along.
    Oline Ellingsen 
    [coworker & affaire] there's a little bit of devil in those angel eyes
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