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Want some stats? 6'9 (2.07m) | 240 lb (109kg) | ectomorph | black hair | no tattoos | non-smoker, obviously

What's my background? I was born in Clemson, South Carolina, had a beautiful childhood, with two loving parents and a caring (though sometimes annoying) sister. I fell in love with the game of basketball at a very young age, hence I never had the chance to get sidetracked or anything. Sports has been an important part of my life and that probably won't change, like ever. It was basketball that shaped my character, I learned many things with a ball in my hands. And after finishing high school in my hometown of Clemson, I decided it was time to move on to greater heights. This is what brought me to Los Angeles.

What's poppin'? I'm currently in my 3rd semester as a major student in journalism. Luckily, since I received a scholarship, I don't have to spend any money for studying or housing and can focus on what I do best; playing basketball for the Bruins. Well, okay, that's not all I do. However, besides training, playing games and living the good life, I'm looking straight ahead to my ultimate goal.
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    Duncan Steele 
    more than a coach | on paper, our relationship might be professional but in reality, you have made me a better man, not just a better player
    Elisha Leonard 
    teammate | this might be your team once I'm gone. You bring something unique to the team and I like that.
    Haley Marshall 
    classmate | with you, sitting through a lecture is way more fun, so is relaxing on the campus.
    Leo Sawyer 
    play-maker | I don't really care about your past. We get along quite well and what you do as an athlete speaks for itself.
    Marcus Hernandez 
    teammate | if you could only keep your head in the game and not get sidetracked every now and then.
    Wade Carter 
    real recognize real | I got a lot of respect for what you do on the field, and kind of see you as a big brother.
    Hannah Daniels 
    snap me | I recall seeing you taking photos at our games but don't ask me who you are.
    Taylor Vaughn 
    somewhere in between | there is a level of respect but I feel like the campus can't handle our two egos for much longer.
    Maddox Sanders 
    asshole | ...
    James Anthony 
    father | he's my biggest fan, harshest critic, and closest friend.
    Julie Anthony 
    mother | I'm thankful for all the sacrifices she made to help me succeed, professionally and privately.
    Adina Anthony 
    sister | one day, you'll realize how cool it actually is to have me as your little brother.
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    Brynn Sanders 
    ex | we don't talk anymore like we used to.

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