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That's my appearance: 6'7 (2.01m) | 230 lb (104kg) | endomorph | light brown hair | non-smoker, non-drinker, and not interested in trying.

This is my path to the present: Despite being born and raised in Temecula, California, I'm afraid I was not able to see the sunny side of life that often. My childhood wasn't particularly great since I've been the outcast everywhere I went. Aside from my mother, even my family did not make me feel special most of the time. Therefore, I preferred being alone, focus on school stuff. It was basketball that eventually turned me into a socially acceptable human being. When I'm on the court, it's almost like I'm a different person. However, my main focus is still on studying architecture. That is why I enrolled at UCLA in the first place.

Here I am, this is me: As of right now, I'm in my 2nd semester as a major student in architecture. In order to pay my bills and the tuition fees, I work at the library for cultural studies on the campus. Besides that, there is not much else to my life, sorry. Wait! … well, I wanted to join the UCLA basketball team since the day I got the Los Angeles but got rejected every time. It's probably because I'm neither popular nor cool enough to be part of the team.
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    Ava Chevalier 
    mon amie française | we met under weird circumstances and I never thought we would get along this well - especially right from the start.
    Clementine Walsh 
    partners in crime | not that we would ever commit a crime, of course. I like that we have a lot in common, hence I enjoy spending time with you.
    Duncan Steele 
    head coach | you teach me valuable lessons in terms of basketball and life as a whole. In my opinion, there is no better person for this job.
    Isaiah Anthony 
    tammate | as the captain of the team, you do a very good job. Plus, I almost forgot you and two other guys once beat me up in the gym.
    Marcus Hernandez 
    teammate | we do not have a lot of things in common but on the court we get along quite well.
    Taylor Vaughn 
    unknown so far | I'm still not complety certain how you and me ended up going to a party. Together.
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    Hannah Leonard 
    mother | you helped me get through every difficult phase of my life. You are my guardian angel.
    Joel Leonard 
    father | you never showed me any fatherly love, I don't really care about you.
    Ryan Leonard 
    brother | I could've used a big brother every now and then. Too bad you weren't interested in guiding me to adulthood.
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