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her name is eliza montgomery. she was born as elizabeth turner in a family additcted to the art of motion pictures but eliza was different. in her heart she always wanted to help people with her profession and after becoming a paramedic at the ronald reagan medical center, she joined the LAFD and works now along side with her best friend at station 37. eliza was already married once and after the divorce from her husband she kept his last name because she did not want to become a turner again.
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Beach Cities Paramedic LAFD
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Aaron Cavendish 
[good friend] i feel your pain and it breaks my heart to see you like that. i cannot take it from you but i will do my best to help you get through it
Donovan Vane 
[brother from another mother] you are my rock, my best friend. i know i can always count on you
Joel St. James 
[friend] never thought i see you again. destiny had other plans. working with you can be exhausting but always a pleasure
Maxine Atwood 
[besties] youre the best thing the marriage with chris brought to me. together we are having the best times and in the darkest we are there for each other
Logan Vane 
[workmate] we learned to work as a team in the engine compay. still working on getting through to you
Taylor Vaughn 
[dons ex] you broke dons heart. it is hard to forgive that and it is standing between us. just a small part of me understands you.
Bethany Turner 
[mother] we are so a like and that is the problem. you did not approve my decisions and together we are an explosive mixture
Elliot Turner 
[brother] my partner in crime. you are the only person in our family who accepts me for who i am
Matthew Turner 
[father] i know you are proud of me even though you are not the best person in expressing your feelings
Olivia Turner 
[sister] the little one. try to be yourself and do not fulfill every expectation from other people
Scarlett Turner 
[sister] you are never getting tired of holding our family together.
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Christopher Montgomery 
[ex-husband] we loved each other but jealousy broke us apart. you still gave me the opportunity to be someone else. i will never forget that
Joel St. James 
[ONS] drawn together in our darkest times. it was a one time thing.
Jacob Quinn 
[friends with benefits] you helped me to be the girl i am today. sometimes it felt like there was something more. but i lost sight of you.

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