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I'm a savage out here: 5'11 (1.80m) | 198 lb (90kg) | mesomorph | black hair, sometimes blonde highlights | a bunch of tattoos | casual drinker, not gonna lie

You want to get to know me? I ain't lying when I say that I don't like talking about my past. Listen, I get that it's a part of me and I'm not denying that part at all. However, history is what it is. I grew up in Downtown Los Angeles, had a shitty childhood and went on to hang around with the wrong people. It wasn't them who got me in trouble but they further emphasized my already existing criminal intentions: I'm talking gang stuff, stealing, dealing, all of that stuff. Nevertheless, I eventually snapped out of it. With some help, of course. Football was my way out. My hobby became my ticket to a better life. Hopefully.

Fancy catchin' the latest? As of right now, I'm studying sport sciences and, of course, playing football in my spare time. Even though I've spend my whole life in Los Angeles, this is still relatively new for me. Everything looks clean, the sun's always shining, it seems. Crazy stuff. However, I'm living in the students dorm and work for the campus security to earn myself some extra cash. In general, I'm trying to get to know more people, you know. People that don't care about my past and are just interested in getting to know the new me, the real me.
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    Adam Hunt 
    teammate | beast player and sick personality. I appreciate your input as a friend and player.
    Arthur Bennett 
    teammate | one of our leaders on and off the field. You strive for greatness, just like I do.
    Connor Grayson 
    teammate | what a positive person you are, and your calmness at all times continues to impress me.
    Leo Sawyer 
    teammate | my quarterback! There is no player I'd rather go to war with than with you.
    Wade Carter 
    teammate | as the team's captain, you set the tone for me and the rest of the guys. Still, you are only the No. 2 wideout on the team, sorry.
    Harper Lodge 
    unknown | we used to be "cool" before our lives changed for the better. Too bad we meet again under ... these circumstances.
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    Jamal Kinlaw 
    father | fuck you!
    Zendaya Kinlaw 
    mother | fuck you, too!
    Abel Barkley 
    uncle | you are one of my role models, no doubt. Glad to have you back in my life.
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